Meet the founder

How it all started..

AirTeam was founded by Matt Bell, a UK based entrepreneur and paid acquisition expert with over 8 years of experience working with some of the hottest startups in tech and ecommerce.

After discovering how so many clients were being screwed over by agencies, Matt decided to launch a growth company that only worked on a revenue share model.

"The ambition with AirTeam was to create some noise in the space, by delivering some insane results to our partners but only on a mutually beneficial collaboration. Most freelancers / agencies are charging hefty fees regardless of what the client makes. This is where the AirTeam model becomes disruptive!"
Our values

Strong communication

Our approach to team communication is how we've helped our partners to achieve so much. Without consistent daily communication, it wouldn't be possible to succeed.

Team freedom

We let our team innovate and come up with crazy ideas for our partners. We believe in giving our team the freedom to think creatively.


We promise to be extremely transparent with our partners. If something isn't working, we'll be the first to acknowledge it. If we don't think our partner is delivering on what we need, we'll raise it with them. Continuous transparency on both ends has helped build very strong relationships.

Worldwide talent

The most talented people are never local, that's why our team are spread all over. We're always looking out for the hottest new talent to join AirTeam.

We're hungry to work with new and exciting startups.

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