About Us

We’re an ambitious team with a shared mission.

Meet the crew

Businesses use AirTeam to achieve growth through disruption.

Remote team members

Nearly all of our team are remote based. That's because the best talent are always spread out! Our remote workers have a better work life balance which means better quality work for our clients.

Masters of code

AirTeam does more than just growth. We've got a fantastic team of engineers building some of the next best startups.

Our clients have full access to our engineers, at anytime!

Personal relationships

We're not corporate. In fact, we love to get to know our clients on personal level! This has proven to increase both our client satisfaction and retention rates over the past five years. Our team truly care about you!

Disruptive products

We're constantly launching new services and products to disrupt industries.

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In 2019, we helped 36 new startups achieve a total $30 Million in revenue.