Build better software

We help clients build and launch software products that people actually want. Our MVP development service enables you to turn your idea into a working prototype, where you can then build traction and soon start pitching to investors.

Traction Is Key

Our process to a successful MVP

Whilst every client project is different, we usually follow a similar process that has proven to be successful in the past.
Scope and strategy sessions

You'll attend a number of strategy workshops with our team, discussing through the idea, your goals and we'll help you to refine the idea down into a basic MVP.

Wireframe design & interactive prototype

We will begin to create some initial wireframes to visualise your MVP. Once approved, we'll begin a soft development scrum. This is where our team will create an interactive prototype from the initial wireframes.

Deploy and build traction

After the prototype is approved, we'll provide guidance for achieving early traction on your idea. We have a world class team who have proven success in achieving early traction for tech startups. AirTeam is always open to introducing you to potential investors, providing you have traction around your idea.

Idea Refinement
We provide expert consulting around refining your idea into a realistic roadmap.
Investor Introductions
We are always open to introducing you to active investors in the tech industry. We have a service that can fully prepare you for this.
Wireframes & UI Design
Watch your idea come to life with highly detailed wireframes, and interactive prototypes.
MVP Development
We can both build and identify an MVP for your idea, with a clear feature roadmap. An MVP will enable you to explore the demand around your idea, and receive quality feedback.
Strategy development
We also work with those who have self built an MVP, but are stuck with building traction and achieving organic awareness.
“AirTeam have helped turn my concept into a working MVP. Thanks to their highly detailed wireframes and pitch deck, I have successfully found a seed funding investor. I hope to continue to build my relationship further with AirTeam.”

In 2019, we helped 36 new startups achieve a total $30 Million in revenue.